Swansea Storm Wheelchair Basketball Club


We are a Wheelchair Basketball team based in Swansea, and have been running for ten years. In season 16/17 we finished top of the 4th Division in our area, which means we were promoted to the national league 3rd Division south west for season 17/18. Due to the extra players that have joined us we were able to introduce a 2nd team (Storm 2) which is in the 4th Division. In 17/18 Storm 1 finished joint top of the 3rd division with 2 other teams, however missed out on promotion. We are open to all ages and all abilities and have training that caters to all. We try to organise friendly matches regularly which gives non-league players the opportunity to gain experience. Suitable for anyone looking to get fit, socialise, have fun and be part of a team.

Training Times

Development Training

Every Tuesday at 6:30pm to 8:30pm

£3 per session, First session free


League Training

Every Friday at 9 to 10pm

Part of a monthly payment system


Junior Development Training

Dates TBA, if interested please inquire with James

To be eligible you must be between the ages of 5 – 23

Contact Us

Chairman / Coach

Edwyn Ellis

edwynellis@gmail.com – 07780810188


Manager / Secretary / Coach 

James Coyle-King

jamescoyleking@gmail.com – 07779549571


Assistant Coaches

Brendan / Phil / Martyn / Sam / Jordan


Welfare Officer

Linda King

linda.king640@gmail.com – 07841585989


Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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